This Girl Became a Star – The ‘Product of 13 Divorces,’ Her Dad Left Her Mom for 17-Year-Old Actress

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, a prominent celebrity couple of the ’60s, are often remembered for the bitterness and animosity that marked the later years of their marriage.

Hollywood, with its allure and elegance, has been a hub of romance among its top stars, and Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh were considered the Jack and Rose of the ’60s. Despite facing challenges, including risks to their careers, the couple defied the odds to be together. However, their journey took an imperfect turn, leading to their eventual divorce.

The birth of Jamie Lee Curtis was seen as a final attempt at finding peace in their tumultuous relationship. Tony Curtis, known for both his flamboyance and talent, embodied the essence of a superstar actor with style and charm.

Despite experiencing multiple failed marriages, his romance with Janet Leigh stood out as one of the most notable aspects of his life.

The captivating couple, central to attention during their time together, extended their relationship into their professional lives, sharing the screen in five movies.

Janet Leigh, already a established star, met Tony Curtis at a publicity party in the 1950s, a few years after her breakthrough role in the late ’40s. Their love story unfolded amidst the glamour of Hollywood, with Leigh’s reputation for her roles in movies such as “The Romance of Rosy Ridge” and “Little Women.”

While Leigh was more popular at the time, having earned recognition for her talent, Tony Curtis was yet to achieve his big break. Despite the rapid progress of their relationship and their marriage, cracks began to appear, and their love faded.

The birth of their first child, Kelly, failed to rekindle the spark, and Jamie, born later, was described as a “save-the-marriage baby.” Despite Jamie’s arrival, the couple eventually divorced in 1962.

Reflecting on her experience as a child of embattled parents, Jamie Lee Curtis expressed, “By the time I came along… my parents’ bond had deteriorated precipitously as their stardom grew. And like any other save-the-marriage baby, I failed.” Tony Curtis filed for divorce, leaving their family divided.

Janet Leigh, admired by fans and Hollywood figures, had captured the attention of mogul Howard Hughes, but her heart belonged to Tony.

Despite challenges, the couple was deeply in love and committed to overcoming obstacles, even if it meant facing opposition from those who supported their careers.

Similar to Leigh, Tony faced a significant test of his love for the actress when Universal offered him ten thousand dollars to marry his co-star Piper Laurie. This union was perceived as a career-boosting move, but Tony’s heart remained loyal to Leigh.

Frequently seen on Leigh’s film sets, Tony’s affair with a rival actress became public knowledge, causing concerns at Universal. The studio hoped Tony would align with them by marrying Laurie. However, Tony surprised everyone by proposing to Leigh in 1951, and they had a small yet glamorous wedding.

Despite warnings from Leigh’s friends, their love prevailed. However, privacy issues soon plagued their seemingly perfect life, and Tony’s insecurities about Leigh’s success and jealousy strained their marriage. Tony admitted to becoming subservient, and his struggles with substance abuse and rumored affairs added further strain.

The couple’s marriage evolved into a functional but unromantic state, and Tony eventually left Leigh for 17-year-old actress Christine Kaufmann. The couple separated in 1968, and Tony went on to marry four more times before his death in 2010.

Growing up with famous parents had a negative impact on Jamie, who referred to herself as a “product of 13 divorces.” The actress faced resentment, competition, and jealousy in their home. She observed the demands of Hollywood and struggled to believe in true love due to her parents’ split.

Jamie had two father figures – Tony Curtis and Leigh’s fourth husband, Robert Brandt. She credited Tony with passing on creativity and Brandt with showing love. Despite the challenges with Tony, Jamie acknowledged his amazing talent.

Kelly, Jamie’s older sister, praised their late mom for teaching her gratitude and contentment. Tony, who fathered six children in multiple marriages, was disliked by his kids for financial matters at his death.

Despite the strained relationship, Jamie followed in her parents’ footsteps and became a successful actress. Both Jamie and Kelly have left their mark in Hollywood, continuing the legacy of their famous parents.