Jane Fonda Sparks Controversy with Bold Statement: ‘I Would Take a Lover Who’s 20

Jane Fonda, renowned for her contributions to the entertainment industry, made headlines by revealing her dating preference for a younger partner over an older one. Despite being in her 80s, Fonda candidly expressed that if she were to have a lover, he should be around 20 years old because she “doesn’t want old skin.”

However, her statement faced criticism on social media, with some suggesting that she might need to offer financial incentives to attract a younger man. Certain comments conveyed discomfort, deeming the idea “DISGUSTING.” Concerns were also raised about how her family would react to her dating someone significantly younger.

Despite the backlash, some fans supported Fonda’s choice, pointing out that other celebrities, such as Cher, also have relationships with younger partners. Fonda clarified that while she prefers the company of younger individuals, she is not seeking a sexual partner at this stage, citing past serious relationships.

She explained that intimacy with a younger partner would be challenging, as she would be uncomfortable being undressed in front of him. Even in her later years, Jane Fonda maintains a youthful and elegant appearance.

Recently spotted at a PAC fundraising event in Texas, she exuded style in a cream top, blazer, and pants, showcasing her thick gray hair, demonstrating that age hasn’t diminished her sense of grace and elegance.