Jeff Bridges Fell for Waitress, Accepting Her with Facial Injuries — Years Later She Doesn’t Leave Him When Death Looms

Jeff Bridges, an American actor, producer, and singer with a career spanning over 60 years, encountered his future wife, Susan “Sue” Geston, while filming a hot tub scene for the 1975 movie “Rancho Deluxe” at Chico Hot Springs in Montana.

During the shoot, Jeff was captivated by Susan’s presence, noticing her broken nose and black eye, which she had sustained in a recent car accident. Despite her injuries, he found her beauty and uniqueness enchanting.

Recalling the moment, Jeff described it as “love at first sight.” Throughout the scene, he couldn’t help but steal glances at her, although Susan caught him every time.

Jeff confessed to being unable to take his eyes off her, expressing his admiration for her beauty and the intriguing contrast of her disfigurement.

After the filming wrapped up, Jeff mustered the courage to ask Susan out. Initially, she amusingly declined but hinted that they might cross paths again in their small town.

Fate brought them together, and they eventually went dancing, marking the beginning of Jeff’s love story.

The next day, Jeff had a meeting with a local real estate agent, and he invited Susan along. They visited a ranch house by the river, which turned out to be their first date. In that moment, Jeff felt a strong sense that he was looking at his future home with his “future wife.”

Despite his initial fears and worries about marriage, Jeff learned to face them and proposed to Susan after two years of uncertainty. He acknowledged his fear of losing freedom but realized that marriage brought unexpected joys, including children and grandchildren.

In 2020, after 43 years of marriage, Jeff, then 70, celebrated their enduring relationship, emphasizing mutual respect and embracing their differences rather than letting them drive a wedge between them.