Jennifer Aniston Debuts Chic Shorter Haircut at 2024 Drama TV Star Award Win: Debated Photos

Jennifer Aniston exuded glamour at the People’s Choice Awards on February 18, 2024. The actress captivated with her chic new hairstyle, sporting shorter locks than her previous look. The debuted tresses have sparked diverse reactions from fans.

Jennifer Aniston made a stunning appearance at the People’s Choice Awards on the night of February 18, 2024. While she opted out of walking the red carpet, she left an enduring impression on the event when she took the stage, revealing a fresh chic haircut while presenting the People’s Icon Award to Adam Sandler.

Aniston, clad in an elegant black gown, had previously received the same honor in November 2019. Later in the ceremony, she also secured her accolade for outstanding drama TV star in “The Morning Show.”

The “Murder Mystery” star donned an ensemble featuring an asymmetrical hemline black dress that stopped above the knee, with subtle pleats on the sides. She complemented her look with a delicate necklace and strappy heels gracing her ankles.

Moreover, her new sleek lob grazing her shoulders deviated from the ’90s-inspired style she showcased at the Golden Globes on January 7, 2024. Fans expressed conflicting opinions about the 55-year-old’s new hairstyle, with some commenting, “This haircut suits her.”

A fan echoed, “Love the new haircut!” “I really like her new haircut,” said another user. More users shared their admiration for Aniston’s hair. “Jennifer Aniston, your hair looks amazing,” declared a fan.

However, other fans questioned why Aniston had changed her hair. One individual commented, “Her hair is just hanging like no one did it for her.” Another social media user wrote, “Looks like a man. Super manly and it’s all good.”

Loyal fans of Aniston pointed out that her hair looked “absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!.” This occasion wasn’t the first time the actress had sparked reactions with her hairstyle, as she did so a month ago, in January 2024.

As reported on January 8, 2024:

As the New Year arrived, Aniston embraced a laid-back vibe, flaunting her textured hair during the Golden Globes 2024, which some suggested looked effortlessly undone.

Various videos and images of the Hollywood icon circulated online, drawing public attention. Fans took to social media to express their thoughts on Aniston, with some proposing that the actress switch up her look.

“What’s with the uncombed hair?” one person said, as another one agreed that she looked messy, adding that “the hair is throwing me off.” “Same hair for the last 20 years,” another wrote, while a third suggested that Aniston try a new hair color. “You have the same look and color since 1999,” another pointed out. “You are gorgeous, but you need a change.”

Page Six specifically dubbed Aniston’s haircut “The Rachel,” paying homage to the star’s beloved character on “Friends.” However, some social media users held a different view, claiming that Rachel’s hair was “bigger and more elaborate.”

The actress, renowned for her portrayal of Rachel Green on “Friends,” had previously shared her thoughts on the iconic “Rachel” haircut. While she didn’t despise it, Aniston wasn’t a fan and felt more comfortable with her evolving style as she aged.

“That was kind of cringy for me,” she remarked about her hair back then. Over the years, she learned to embrace her beauty irrespective of aging. The actress emphasized her appreciation for a more natural approach, highlighting the significance of hair health over perfection.

In recent years, Jennifer Aniston launched her haircare brand, LolaVie, occasionally promoting it on her Instagram account. The brand features vegan and cruelty-free products, utilizing recyclable packaging whenever possible.