John Travolta’s Late Wife Kelly Preston Didn’t Consider the Risks & Got Pregnant at 47 — Pics of Their ‘Miracle’ Boy Now

John Travolta and Kelly Preston shared a love story that could rival any Hollywood romance. Their journey began at a screen test for “The Experts” in 1989, leading to a marriage in 1991 and the joyous arrival of three children: daughter Ella Bleu and sons Benjamin and Jett.

Their marriage was a source of happiness, and they relished in the joys of parenthood.

John’s bond with his children was palpable. He cherished every moment, especially with his son Jett. Reflecting on Jett’s birth, John recounted spending hours holding him close, unable to imagine life without him.

Tragedy struck in 2009 when the family faced the devastating loss of Jett while on vacation in the Bahamas.

Jett, just 14 years old, suffered a seizure and fatally hit his head in a bathtub. Despite efforts to save him, he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Jett’s passing was a profound loss for John and Kelly. They had previously navigated challenges due to Jett’s health, including his diagnosis of Kawasaki disease at the age of two.

This experience influenced their decision to focus on Jett’s needs, delaying plans for additional children.

Despite the heartbreaking loss of Jett, John and Kelly remained hopeful for another child. After years of trying, Kelly became pregnant naturally at the age of 47.

Their son Benjamin was born in 2010, bringing immeasurable joy to the family.

Benjamin’s arrival was celebrated as a miracle, a testament to the couple’s perseverance and the blessings they felt.

As they introduced their son to the world, they marveled at his innocence and sweetness, embracing the opportunity to see life anew through his eyes.

The name Benjamin was chosen with care, symbolizing gentleness and strength. Kelly described her son as peaceful and present, embodying qualities that brought comfort and joy to their family.

Despite the challenges and grief they faced, John and Kelly found solace in the arrival of Benjamin, a reminder of hope and the enduring power of love.

John delighted in how their newborn breathed new life into their Ocala, Florida home, filling it with joy, melodies, stories, and embraces. The first smile from Benjamin brought immense joy to his parents.

Kelly expressed that Benjamin Travolta’s arrival not only brightened their household but also contributed to the family’s healing following the loss of Jett.

Despite their ongoing grief, welcoming a new life was a profound blessing, bringing happiness to many around them.

“We’ve received the most heartwarming letters and messages of joy,” Kelly shared. Sharing Benjamin’s arrival with others brought solace and happiness to their family.

Kelly nurtured Benjamin into his preteen years before her passing. John announced her death on Instagram on July 13, 2017, after her courageous battle with breast cancer.

He expressed gratitude for the medical teams at MD Anderson Cancer Centre and the unwavering support from friends and family during their difficult journey.

Acknowledging the need for time to support his children through their loss, John expressed his appreciation for the outpouring of love and support as they embarked on their healing journey.

Now a teenager, Benjamin continues to grow, three years after the loss of his mother. Ella Bleu Travolta commemorated his birthday in November 2023 with a heartwarming message and a throwback picture of Benjamin as a toddler, expressing her love for her brother.

John also celebrated his son’s milestone on Instagram, expressing disbelief at Benjamin’s transition into adolescence.

As they navigate the challenges, Benjamin’s journey from infancy to adolescence has been a testament to resilience and hope for the Travolta family.