“Xena – The Warrior Princess”: This is what the actors look like today.

Women Power! “Xena – The Warrior Princess” and its cast:

Another old classic series from back in the day: From 1995 to 2001, the popular series graced our television screens. The fantasy series “Xena – The Warrior Princess,” produced in New Zealand, garnered a large fan following over 6 seasons. In the series’ storyline, “Xena” became a ruthless warrior after her community was attacked by a brutal army, and her brother was killed – she swears revenge. Only after meeting “Hercules” and “Gabrielle” does she decide to end her quest for revenge and, from then on, fight alongside them and other companions against evil. Nearly 20 years after the series ended, we are now curious to see how the cast looks today.

Lucy Lawless

also known as “Xena,” is seen here. However, the actress’s real name is Lucy Lawless. In 2016, the creators of the series speculated about a comeback for the Warrior Princess. To the great disappointment of fans, the project was ultimately canceled.

What is the actress doing today?

Lucy Lawless

may no longer don the warrior robe or her long, dark brown mane today, but the actress, born in 1968, remains beautiful. In real life, Lucy Lawless has been married to “Xena” producer Robert Gerard Tapert since 1998. Together, they have two sons, and Lucy Lawless brought a daughter from her first marriage. However, she did not stop acting after the series. She took on smaller roles in the series “Two and a Half Men” and the movie “Spider-Man.” She almost even took on the role of “Galadriel” in “Lord of the Rings,” but had to decline due to her pregnancy, which then went to Cate Blanchett. In 2019, she had the lead role in “My Life is Murder” and also works as a voice actress on the side.

Renée O’Connor

also known as “Gabrielle,” was “Xena’s” companion and ally in the fight against evil. As the strong role of “Xena” served as a role model for many lesbian women, fans speculated about a romantic relationship between “Xena” and “Gabrielle.” However, this was never confirmed by the series production.

What is “Gabrielle” doing today?

Renée O’Connor and Lucy Lawless are still good friends to this day. O’Connor continues to be active as an actress and has made guest appearances on “Criminal Minds” and “Mataku.” In 2017, she took on a role in the film “Watch the Sky.” Since 2017, she has been married to actor Jed Sura, with whom she has a daughter and a son from a previous marriage. However, she has been less active in recent years.

Ted Raimi

also known as “Joxer,” was a friend and the bumbling companion of the warriors “Xena” and “Gabrielle.” He considered himself a particularly skilled warrior but often found himself in trouble. Unfortunately, his feelings for “Gabrielle” were never reciprocated. Later in the series, “Joxer” met his demise – he was killed.

Ted Raimi is also active as an actor to this day. Among other roles, he appeared in the “Spider-Man” films and, most recently, in 2019 in a short film project called “Red Light.” He also works as a screenwriter and provides voice acting for video game characters.

Hudson Leick

also known as “Callisto,” had a traumatic upbringing, witnessing her family’s murder by an enemy army as a teenager. To seek revenge and combat the evil in the world, she joined the ranks of the warriors “Xena” and “Gabrielle.” Throughout the series, “Callisto” often clashed with “Xena” in fierce battles. After her redemption towards the end of the series, she was reborn as “Eve,” the daughter of “Xena.”

After her role in “Xena,” Hudson Leick had a quieter acting career, with only a few guest appearances. Her most recent role was in “Blood Type” in 2018. Unfortunately, she was not able to replicate the success she had on the show.