Judge Judy and Husband Prioritize Quality Time Amidst Years of Togetherness

Judith Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy, gave her husband, with whom she had shared 45 years of life, a remarkable gift. Their journey as a couple began in an unusual way when she playfully poked her finger in his face and said, “And who is this?” Interestingly, they only realized their destined connection after their divorce.

Widely recognized by her TV moniker, Judge Judy, faced the challenge of finding the perfect gift for her husband, Jerry Sheindlin. After much contemplation, she decided on a motorcycle. So, for Jerry’s 85th birthday, Judy and Jerry visited the Harley Davidson store and selected a tricycle.

In a photo, the couple of 45 years is captured sitting on the massive black motorcycle, with Jerry in the front and Judy holding onto him from behind. The TV judge revealed that although he now owns the tricycle, he is restricted from driving long distances on it and mainly uses it for trips to the gym and back.

Even after years together, Judy and her husband consider it crucial to make time for each other and their children. On Judy’s 80th birthday, she, her husband Jerry, and 23 close relatives embarked on a trip to Musha Cay, where they enjoyed quality family time and relaxation in the sun. The TV star expressed:

“One could not have a better birthday than surrounded by the people you love who love you in an idyllic and unspoiled place.”

Judy and Jerry share a total of five children, with Jerry bringing three kids — Gregory Everett Sheindlin, Jonathan Sheindlin, and Nicole Sheindlin. Judy has two kids, Jamie Gail Hartwright and Adam Scott Levy. Among the five children, there are an impressive 13 grandchildren.

However, despite Judy’s stern demeanor in her shows, she exhibits a completely different side when it comes to her family. Particularly fond of spoiling her grandchildren, she admitted that she and her husband often unwittingly indulge the kids, although the parents notice and try their best to intervene.

After concluding the final season of her popular show, “Judge Judy,” the courtroom icon, Judith Sheindlin, defied retirement. Instead, she launched a new show titled “Judy Justice” on Amazon Freevee, featuring her granddaughter alongside her. She expressed that she is “not tired” and, with no other compelling engagements, intends to continue producing shows.

Judy’s journey to success and enduring marriage had its challenges. Before becoming Judge Judy, she was married to Ronald Levy in 1964, with whom she had two children. Unfortunately, the marriage soured as Ronald expected Judy to be a permanent stay-at-home mom, conflicting with her aspirations. The couple parted ways in 1976, freeing Judy to pursue her ambitions.

Post-divorce, Judy relocated to New York City, building a successful career as a judge. It was there that she met Jerry after he finished a murder trial. Their meeting in a bar was characterized by Judy’s directness, poking her finger in Jerry’s face and asking, “And who is this?” Jerry, unyielding, responded with, “Lady, get your finger out of my face,” and they have been together ever since.

Their path to marital bliss had its share of hurdles. When they met, Jerry was still married, and he hesitated to finalize the divorce. Judy suggested living together without marriage, but Jerry resisted. In response, Judy set an ultimatum with a calendar: pick a date, divorce his previous wife by then, or she wouldn’t stay. The ultimatum worked, and they married in 1977.

In 1990, after 13 years together, tragedy struck as Judy’s father passed away. She needed support, but Jerry couldn’t provide it, leading to a separation. Judy set clear expectations for him to take care of her, but Jerry struggled to understand how. After Judy threatened divorce, he received the papers the next day. A year of separation made them realize their unhappiness apart, prompting them to try again. They officially remarried at the clerk’s office and have been happily wedded since.

Today, Judy and Jerry find joy in spending time with their extensive family. Despite the challenges, they continue to support each other, with Jerry acknowledging that “behind every great woman there is a man.”