Owen Wilson’s Only Daughter Whom He Refuses to Accept Is Already 4 & ‘Looks Just Like’ Him

Owen Wilson, renowned for his roles in Hollywood, boasts a family life marked by fatherhood to three children. However, reports suggest his attention is primarily directed towards two of his offspring, with his third child remaining unacknowledged.

The actor shares a bond with his two sons, Finn and Robert, whom he fondly refers to as Ford, born from separate relationships. During an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2017, Wilson shared anecdotes about parenting his older boys, highlighting their humor and wit.

Wilson’s eldest son, Robert, born to his former partner, Jade Duell, has been a central figure in his life. Despite their separation in 2011, Wilson has maintained a visible presence in Robert’s upbringing, often spotted together in public outings and documented family moments, showcasing his commitment to fatherhood.

Reflecting on his transition to parenthood, Wilson admitted to a newfound appreciation for the delicacy of newborns, expressing how the birth of his first child altered his perspective. With the arrival of his second son, Finn, born to fitness trainer Caroline Lindqvist, Wilson embraced the joys and challenges of fatherhood with equal fervor.

In interviews, Wilson has shared glimpses of his parental journey, from bedtime storytelling rituals to humorous anecdotes about parenting mishaps. Despite his admission to culinary limitations, Wilson’s dedication to his children shines through in his everyday interactions and shared experiences.

While Wilson openly discusses his relationship with his two sons, his approach to his third child, Lyla, differs significantly. Born to his ex-girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates, Wilson has reportedly distanced himself from Lyla’s life, opting not to acknowledge paternity or engage in parental responsibilities.

Reports suggest Wilson’s absence during Lyla’s birth and his refusal to meet her, raising questions about his commitment to fatherhood. Despite the biological connection confirmed by paternity tests, Wilson’s lack of involvement in Lyla’s life remains a subject of scrutiny and criticism

In November 2019, Varunie Vongsvirates candidly disclosed to the Daily Mail that Owen Wilson remained disengaged from his daughter’s life, prompting her to plead for his involvement.

Expressing her disappointment, Vongsvirates highlighted the irony of Wilson portraying fatherly roles in films while neglecting his real-life paternal responsibilities. Despite her hopes for Wilson to embrace fatherhood, he continues to show no interest in connecting with his daughter, Lyla.

As Lyla celebrated her third birthday in October 2021, Vongsvirates shared a photo of her daughter on social media, sparking comments from users noting the striking resemblance between Lyla and Wilson. Despite Wilson’s financial support, Vongsvirates prioritizes the importance of his presence over monetary assistance.

Currently, Lyla’s mother shares glimpses of her daughter’s life online, omitting any mention of Wilson. On Lyla’s birthday in 2022, Vongsvirates shared a heartfelt photo of her daughter, receiving warm wishes from followers who commend her as a devoted mother.

Following Lyla’s birth, Vongsvirates embarked on a vacation with her daughter, documenting their adventures and Lyla’s joyful moments on social media. Despite Wilson’s absence, Vongsvirates chose to honor his heritage by giving Lyla a Thai middle name, Aranya.

While Wilson maintains relationships with his sons, his disinterest in establishing a connection with his daughter remains evident, as he reportedly refuses any form of custody. Despite this, Vongsvirates continues to prioritize Lyla’s well-being, fostering a loving environment for her daughter.