Photo of Gray-Haired Jackie Chan Ahead of 70th Birthday Ignites Stir: ‘He Looks Completely Different’

Jackie Chan recently surprised his fans with a fresh appearance showcased on a Chinese social media platform. A picture of Chan sporting a head full of gray hair has circulated widely, sparking reactions from both fans and celebrities alike. Many are astonished by Chan’s age.

The revered martial artist and beloved screen icon made an appearance in a video posted on Weibo, a Chinese social media site, as part of a report by Sichuan Observation. The footage, captured during a special event in Luzhou, Sichuan, quickly went viral.

The accompanying caption highlighted Chan’s presence at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Sealing Ceremony on March 11th, where he humorously quipped about his age, comparing it to Luzhou Laojiao’s 700-year-old brewing technique.

During the ceremony, Chan, a father of two, shared his deep connection with Luzhou and expressed admiration for the event, which marked his first attendance. He expressed his sincere desire to see Chinese kung fu flourish globally and for the rich aroma of Luzhou Laojiao to permeate every corner.

As images of Chan’s transformed appearance made rounds on the internet, reactions were mixed, ranging from shock to admiration.

The Daily Loud’s shared photo of Chan’s new look garnered significant attention, with fans expressing surprise and nostalgia. Comments reflected a mix of disbelief and respect for Chan’s enduring legacy, with many expressing fond memories of his iconic films spanning decades.

One fan, Tolulope Michael, a cyber-security instructor and career coach, shared a heartfelt tribute to Chan, acknowledging the bittersweet reality of seeing a childhood hero age. Despite the inevitability of time, Michael emphasized Chan’s enduring impact on his childhood and the joy his films continue to bring.

In a playful response to questions about himself on social media, Chan showcased his trademark wit and humility. When asked, “How did Jackie Chan die?” he humorously replied, “Jackie Chan never dies.” Addressing retirement rumors, he confidently asserted, “No. The movie business is so fun.”

He disclosed that if he were to retire from acting, he’d venture into directing. When queried about his residence, he clarified, “No, Beijing. But I have an office in Shanghai, Taiwan… actually, I’m living around the world.”

Regarding the notion of immortality, he modestly replied, “Actually, no. I’m not immortal. I’m just an ordinary person. I simply have the courage to attempt everything.” And in the timeless debate of who would prevail in a fight between him and Bruce Lee, Chan gracefully conceded, “Bruce Lee wins. Let him win.”

Chan’s contemplations on life and career, as documented in his book “Never Grow Up,” echo his recent sentiments: “…I don’t want to retire either. Sometimes I ponder if I should just vanish one day, pack a bag, and fly off somewhere. Perhaps that’s the way to go.

But I probably never will. I hope that, when the time comes, I’ll recognize when to step back. I’ll take care of myself. Or I’ll continue to push forward and fight until the very end.”