Richard Gere 33 years age difference: That’s his wife Alejandra.

Love knows no age. This is also proven by ‘Pretty Woman’ star Richard Gere and his wife Alejandra, who have been happily together for almost ten years.

Pretty woman, walkin’ down the street.” These six words are enough to instantly transport us to Hollywood, more precisely to the Hollywood Boulevard. It’s where Richard Gere (73), as Edward Lewis, first encounters the prostitute Vivian Ward, played by Julia Roberts (55). The rest is history. “Pretty Woman” remains a cult classic to this day, and Richard Gere is forever etched in the minds of many film fans as a leading man.

In fact, the actor is happily married today, for the third time. From 1991 to 1995, top model Cindy Crawford (56) was his partner, and from 2002 to 2016, it was Carey Lowell (61), an actress and model. The couple has a son together. Almost ten years ago, the Hollywood icon fell in love again – at first sight. In a hotel in Italy, he met his current wife, Alejandra (40). And as they say, love knows no age. Despite a 33-year age difference, there was a spark between them. They have been happily married since 2018, and two sons have crowned their happiness.