Robert De Niro Gets Emotional While Sharing What It’s Like to Be a Dad to a 9-Month-Old at 80 – Video

Hollywood legend Robert De Niro recently opened up about the experience of fatherhood at the age of 80, following the birth of his seventh child, Gia Virginia Chen De Niro, in April of last year. In a recent interview, De Niro shared his deep emotions and reflections on parenting his 9-month-old daughter, whom he raises with his girlfriend, Tiffany Chen.

The renowned actor expressed how everything else fades away when he looks at his daughter, emphasizing the profound impact she has on him. De Niro described the experience as “wondrous” and spoke affectionately about Gia’s sweet and observant nature, noting her ability to take in and analyze her surroundings.

Despite his age, De Niro expressed his desire to be present for his daughter for as long as possible, cherishing every moment of raising her. This sentiment echoes his previous remarks about fatherhood, where he described it as “great” and marveled at Gia’s innocence and charm.

In addition to sharing his own joy as a father, De Niro also expressed happiness for his friend and fellow actor Al Pacino, who also became a father later in life. De Niro’s reflections provide a heartfelt glimpse into the joys and wonders of late-life parenthood.