Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘So Dark’ Legs & Kristin Davis’ ‘Better’ Look with Dissolved Fillers: Users Discuss New Set Pics

Hollywood stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis turned heads with their chic outfits in New York City. The duo was spotted on the set of their latest project, capturing the attention of fans and passersby. The “Sex and the City” alumnae were seen on Tuesday, June 25, filming the eagerly awaited third season of “And Just Like That,” the beloved series’ spinoff.

Davis, channeling her character Charlotte, looked radiant in a vibrant pink and floral Bellini dress. This whimsical maxi dress, made from structured cotton poplin and adorned with a Dahlia print, perfectly captured the essence of summer.

While the original design of the dress features a three-tiered skirt, Davis’s version has been altered to two tiers, showcasing her legs. She added to the look with a bubble gum Valextra Iside Mini handbag, an urban craft masterpiece retailing at over $4,000.

Crafted from antique pink calfskin, the high-quality bag offered a striking yet subtle geometric silhouette. Its detachable shoulder strap allowed Davis to carry it by hand. She completed her outfit with beautiful red strappy heels, making a bold fashion statement.

Meanwhile, Parker, portraying Carrie, chose a timeless vintage black dress. She layered it over a long white button-up shirt with exaggerated cuffs. The 59-year-old accessorized with a classic vintage Pierre Cardin bag.

She completed her ensemble with mismatched black and white polka dot pumps, epitomizing elegance and sophistication. Both actresses, sporting flawless makeup and wavy hair, turned heads with their impeccable style and grace.

As photos of Parker and Davis exploring New York City circulated online, fans couldn’t help but admire their stunning looks. Social media buzzed with admiration and lively fashion discussions.

Fans expressed their excitement over Parker and Davis’s stylish return. One admirer gushed, “Her body is banging! That’s the Carrie I love,” while another celebrated the revival of Parker’s character with, “Finally Carrie is back and not in granny clothes.”

The praise continued with comments like, “Wow, they both look amazing.” Another wrote simply, “Divas.” Davis also drew attention, with one fan noting, “Kristin looks so much better with everything dissolved.”

A curious observer remarked on Parker’s appearance, asking, “Wow, I’ve not noticed SJP’s legs being so dark before. Does anyone know if this is commonplace for her? Thanks!!” A knowledgeable fan quickly responded, “Spray tan is very dark … she is gorgeous why does she need it?”

The flurry of comments highlighted fans’ admiration for their favorite characters and sparked lively discussions about their fashion choices, adding to the anticipation for the upcoming season.

Both actresses occasionally share glimpses into their lives on social media. In May, Davis posted a selfie on Instagram, showcasing her new hairdo by stylist Rebekah Forecast. The snap also showed her makeup-free face without fillers, leaving fans in awe of her beauty. The 59-year-old received sweet compliments from fans for her natural look.

“You look wonderful,” said one person. Another exclaimed, “You are so beautiful!!! Never forget that.” Someone else echoed, “You are really very beautiful.” “Natural beauty,” one gushed. Another commented, “You look amazing. Glad you took out the fillers, your true self looks so much better.”

Davis has always been open about her experiences with cosmetic enhancements. She has reflected on the challenges of facing societal pressures and online criticism, emphasizing the conflicting expectations imposed by the internet.

Initially, Davis tried Botox for relief from facial lines but refrained from further procedures after feeling unsatisfied. Eventually, she ventured into fillers, with mixed results.

Davis admitted to both positive and negative experiences with fillers. She noted instances where she had them dissolved due to dissatisfaction, which often led to harsh ridicule and emotional distress.

In her early twenties, before undergoing facial enhancements, Davis had a rebellious phase. Nowadays, she takes a more laid-back approach to cosmetic procedures, dismissing the pressure to maintain them due to time constraints and unpredictable outcomes.

Addressing past work on her lips, Davis revealed she wasn’t immediately aware of its unflattering appearance. Fortunately, she appreciated the honesty of close friends who provided constructive feedback.

Davis’s openness sheds light on the personal and professional challenges of aging gracefully in Hollywood. Her journey with cosmetic procedures reflects the complexities and pressures faced by many in the entertainment industry. Despite public scrutiny, her story is one of self-acceptance.