Shirley MacLaine turns 89 – she claims to have slept with two prime ministers

At 89 years young, Shirley MacLaine remains as vibrant and active as ever, defying any notions of slowing down.

Despite her distinguished age, the Academy Award-winning actress continues to charm audiences and indulge in her love for Martinis while frequenting Hollywood’s dining scene.

Over her illustrious seven-decade career, Shirley has amassed a treasure trove of experiences that few can rival among her peers.

Shirley MacLaine’s journey in Hollywood spans decades, marked by unforgettable performances in timeless classics such as “The Apartment,” “The Trouble With Harry,” “Two Mules For Sister Sara,” and “Guarding Tess,” to name a few.

While her portrayal of the fiery Ouiser Boudreaux in the 1989 hit “Steel Magnolias” still resonates, Shirley herself embodies a demeanor far from her on-screen counterpart.

“I’m not easily ruffled,” she remarked in 2019. “Attitudes are a choice. Anger, peace, sarcasm—those are choices.”

In her own words, Shirley’s life today is “perfect,” relishing the freedom to dine and rest at her leisure, often found on her New Mexico ranch surrounded by her cherished rat terriers.

Born on April 24, 1934, Shirley’s journey commenced on Broadway before captivating audiences worldwide in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Trouble with Harry” at the age of 21.

With a filmography boasting over 50 titles, Shirley’s legacy in Hollywood is indelible. Yet, even in her late 80s, she remains dedicated to her craft, recently gracing television screens in the series “Only Murders in the Building.”

Reflecting on her career, Shirley admits that her pursuit of acting was not solely driven by fame but also fueled by her passion for travel, preferring to explore uncharted territories over Hollywood soirées.

While occasional visits to Tinseltown beckon, Shirley finds solace in nature, her New Mexico ranch serving as a sanctuary where she derives strength and rejuvenation.

Encouraging others to embrace a symbiotic relationship with nature, Shirley extols the virtues of harmonizing with the natural world.

Shirley’s personal life has also garnered attention, marked by marriages, notably to producer Steve Parker, and a daughter, Sachi, whose memoir stirred controversy with claims regarding Shirley’s paternity.

Despite challenges, Shirley remains candid about her relationships and unapologetic about her unconventional views on love and sexuality, candidly sharing anecdotes of past liaisons with prime ministers and Hollywood luminaries.

While speculation swirls around her personal life, Shirley’s focus remains unwavering, her passion for creativity undiminished.

With recent roles hinting at a resurgence, it’s evident that Shirley MacLaine’s journey in entertainment is far from over.