These Twins Lost Their Star Dad at 15 – He Fathered Them in His 60s With His Fifth Wife

This award-winning singer had four failed marriages before finding his last wife. Despite already having three children, he was excited to fulfill his wife’s dream of having their own offspring. They joyfully welcomed twins, but tragically, the musician passed away before seeing them grow into adults.

His life was filled with fame and fortune, but it took him many years to find true love that lasted until the end of his days. He had been married multiple times and had five children before his death at the age of 81. Despite the divorces, he maintained that he was deeply in love with his wives during each marriage.

The star never doubted his love for his previous partners, but he admitted to feeling a compelling desire that overshadowed his commitment to his marriages. He described music as his mistress, a powerful force that consumed him.

Despite his love for his wives and children, he became disconnected from them, prioritizing his career and his passion for music above all else. He took responsibility for the failures of his marriages, attributing them to his own obsession with his musical career.

Despite his shortcomings as a husband, he was known to be charming, and one of his former spouses publicly praised him as an impressive person despite their relationship’s end.

He married his first wife at the age of 19, and although they had a daughter together, their marriage ended after just two years. He made a promise to step back from their lives, allowing his first wife’s second husband to take on the role of father while he retained the title.

In 1977, he married his fourth wife, an actress, and they welcomed a son together five years later. Their marriage lasted nearly two decades before they decided to divorce.

His ex-wife revealed that their relationship started off strong, with him being completely devoted to her. However, as he reached the age of 50, he felt he had neglected his career and desired more. This led to tensions in their marriage.

Their divorce in 1993 was one of the most expensive in the industry, with his ex-wife receiving a $60 million settlement. Despite this, he publicly declared that she deserved every penny, acknowledging her support throughout their marriage.

His ex-wife’s loyalty and support even after their divorce led him to praise her, stating that she deserved the settlement because they had a perfect marriage for 15 years.

After settling his debts, the actor ventured into various businesses, including restaurants, design companies, entertainment centers, recording studios, and even Arabian horse grooming. Life seemed perfect for the couple until the birth of their son, Chris.

While the actor didn’t blame their son for the marriage’s end, he noted that after Chris’s birth, his wife took time away from her career to care for their child, causing lifestyle clashes. When they divorced, Chris was just 12 years old, and the news devastated the famous musician. He recalled Chris’s initial reaction, describing how the boy screamed and bombarded him with questions.

Despite four failed marriages, the actor maintained faith in love and marriage. Four years after divorcing Marianne Gordon, he met his fifth wife, Wanda Miller, whom he remained devoted to until his death. During their longer-lasting marriage, they became parents to twin boys, Justin and Jordan.

Kenny praised Wanda as his soulmate, appreciating her understanding of his career. He cherished their time together, reciprocating her love by attending to her needs.

Initially, Kenny was hesitant about having children, fearing he might miss out on milestones due to his age. Wanda, though much younger, agreed. However, they eventually decided to have one child, but ended up with twins. Kenny expressed his joy at becoming a father to twins in his 60s, describing it as overwhelming and thrilling.

Despite his initial fears, Kenny admitted that fatherhood strengthened his bond with Wanda and that he loved being a father, declaring it as what he was best at.

Fortunately, there was no animosity between Marianne and Wanda; Marianne proved to be mature and supportive of her ex-husband’s new wife. Despite Kenny’s fourth marriage ending in divorce, they remained friends until his passing.

Marianne continued to maintain a happy connection by sending Kenny cards until he passed away in 2020, leaving their twin sons without a father in their teenage years. Wanda acknowledged Kenny as the perfect husband, and a year after his death, she shared a touching tribute to honor his memory, indicating that she would always cherish him.