This Girl Lost Her Superstar Mom at Just 5 Months Old – Her Dad Took Her to a Small Town to Live a ‘Normal’ Life

Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter has undergone a significant transformation while adorned in her mother’s jewelry! Larry Birkhead chose a small town to provide his daughter with a semblance of a normal childhood following her eye surgery.

“It’s challenging for her to visit the grave,” Birkhead admitted, shedding light on the realities of single parenthood.

Actress Anna Nicole Smith and photographer Larry Birkhead, her former flame, briefly crossed paths in 2003 during the Kentucky Derby in his home state. Their connection deepened in 2004, a year later, away from public scrutiny.

Birkhead openly discussed their relationship in a 2020 interview, emphasizing the need for secrecy due to Smith’s public image.

He struggled with societal expectations of her being an “available sex goddess,” hindering their private connection.

Two years into their relationship, the couple welcomed their only child, daughter Dannielynn Birkhead, on September 7, 2006. Tragically, Smith passed away from a drug overdose on February 8, 2007, when Dannielynn was only five months old.

Smith’s son from her first marriage, Daniel, also passed away from a drug overdose just three days after Dannielynn’s birth.

A year after Smith’s death, Dannielynn underwent corrective eye surgery for strabismus (lazy eye). Birkhead expressed nervousness about the procedure, grappling with the cumulative weight of losing Smith, Daniel, and his father.

Birkhead, initially raising Dannielynn away from the limelight, intentionally chose a small Kentucky town for their life together.

Despite frequent offers for Dannielynn to enter the entertainment industry, Birkhead respects her choice to live a private life.

At the 149th Kentucky Derby in May 2023, Dannielynn paid tribute to her mother through her fashion choices, wearing a Leo Lin sunflower print gown and accessorizing with jewelry from Smith’s collection.

Social media users were captivated by Dannielynn’s appearance, with many praising her resemblance to her late mother. Birkhead, appreciative of the support, was commended for his role as a single father.

Nine years after Smith’s death, Birkhead shared the challenges and rewards of single parenthood on “The Steve Harvey Show.” He acknowledged the difficulty of fulfilling both parental roles but expressed joy in their shared adventures.

On the fifteenth anniversary of Smith’s death, Birkhead posted a heartfelt tribute, remembering her as “truly one of a kind” and acknowledging her struggles for love and acceptance.

Despite the emotional reminders and unanswered questions, Birkhead remains positive for Dannielynn, now 17.

Their close bond is evident in shared moments, with fans expressing delight at their father-daughter relationship and Dannielynn’s happiness.