Tim Allen reveals why he’s never trusted a human being as much as his “Toy Story” co-star Tom Hanks

Tim Allen is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, with a career spanning decades and countless memorable roles.

However, amidst his many friendships in the industry, there’s one person he holds above all others: Tom Hanks.

In a recent interview on the Kelly Clarkson show, Allen spoke fondly of his friendship with Hanks, whom he considers a trusted confidant despite their differing opinions on many topics.

Their friendship dates back to the filming of Toy Story 1, where Hanks, who played Woody to Allen’s Buzz Lightyear, reportedly helped himself to fries from Allen’s plate during lunch breaks—a gesture Allen found unusual but endearing.

Despite their differences, Allen emphasized the deep trust and understanding he shares with Hanks, describing him as a wonderful and engaging person who truly listens without judgment.

Their close bond, built over years of lunches and shared experiences, is a testament to their mutual respect and genuine connection.

It’s heartwarming to see two iconic actors like Allen and Hanks maintain such a close friendship throughout their careers, reflecting not only their professional success but also their moral integrity and genuine camaraderie.