Time Magazine Declares Her the Most Beautiful Woman in History

Jacqueline Bisset has excelled in various ways throughout her remarkable 58-year career. At the age of 78, she boasts an impressive filmography, having appeared in 58 films, as per her CV.

Growing up, my parents admired Jacqueline Bisset, and she has remained a role model for me. She is one of the few actors who evoke nostalgia for Hollywood’s golden age.

Known for her stunning green eyes and prominent cheekbones, Bisset, famous for her trilingual abilities (fluent in English, French, and Italian), has portrayed diverse roles in her illustrious career. From playing Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in “America’s Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story” (2003) to the title role in the epic love story “Anna Karenina” and the seductive Miss Goodthighs in the spy parody “Casino Royale” (1967).

Her acting journey began with her debut in Roman Polanski’s “Cul-de-Sac” in 1966. The following year, in 1968, she starred in three critically acclaimed films, including “The Sweet Ride,” earning her a Golden Globe nomination.

Bisset’s career is studded with notable films such as “Day for Night” (1973), “Murder on the Orient Express” (1974), “The Deep” (1977), “Wild Orchid” (1990), “Dancing on the Edge” (2013), “Miss You Already” (2015), “Birds of Paradise” (2017), and “Loren & Rose” and “The Lodger” (2020).

Despite being in the spotlight, she has maintained a private personal life. Although linked to Frank Sinatra and rumored to have had an affair with Steve McQueen, she remained independent, stating they were too dissimilar.

In interviews, Bisset expressed her independence, having had three long-term relationships but never marrying. She highlighted the challenges of relationships and her reluctance to settle for someone with undesirable traits.

Bisset’s career reached new heights with a Golden Globe for her role in the BBC series “Dancing on the Edge,” where she portrayed Baroness Cremone. Not known for controversial romances, she is the godmother of Angelina Jolie.

At 69, she won her first Golden Globe after 47 nominations, for Best Newcomer. Her acceptance speech, cut short, reflected her earnest gratitude.

Bisset, aging gracefully, has never considered plastic surgery, believing forgiveness to be the best cosmetic operation.

Her latest works include “Loren & Rose” and “The Lodger” (2020), where she plays a sardonic femme fatale in this French thriller (2022).

Despite the notion of her being “a little crazy and a bit unpredictable,” Bisset proves her talent by effortlessly transitioning into diverse roles.

Jacqueline Bisset remains a genuine, lovely, and generous woman, serving as a role model for the entertainment industry. She is not just an extraordinary artist but also a typical person. As one of my all-time favorite actors, she continues to inspire with her honesty, intelligence, and grace.