Valerie Bertinelli, 63, Shows Pics of Her ‘Overweight’ Body in a Swimsuit, Sparking an Online Stir

Valerie Bertinelli recently shared a swimsuit photo, expressing her firm views on body confidence, prompting responses from her followers.

At 63, Bertinelli posted a throwback swimsuit picture from 2014 on social media, captioning it with “This is a 150lb body on a 5’4 frame” and noting, “This is considered overweight.” The post garnered significant online support, with comments ranging from “you’re so real” to expressions of surprise and admiration like “Oh my goodness” and “You look better than a model.”

Proudly declaring, “Aging strong not skinny is where it’s at!” Bertinelli’s openness about body image has prompted reflections on her journey. She recounted a pivotal moment when she decided to break free from the perpetual cycle of trying to lose the same 10 lbs.

Over the years, she experienced a profound shift in perspective, realizing the futility of tying self-worth to the scale. The passing of her ex-husband, Eddie Van Halen, in October 2020, further intensified her reflection on life’s priorities, a theme explored in her memoir, “Enough Already.”

Bertinelli’s transformation extends beyond rejecting the scale; it revolves around embracing life’s joys and finding contentment beyond physical appearance. She emphasizes living in the moment and advocating for a life appreciated for its beauty and simplicity rather than constrained by weight.

In her candid reflections, Bertinelli addresses the challenges of overcoming decades of societal conditioning. Recalling her mother’s mistreatment by her father based on weight, she shares painful memories of being judged on her appearance from a young age. Yet, her message remains hopeful and empowering, highlighting that one’s body doesn’t determine lovability.

Bertinelli now understands that kindness to oneself doesn’t have to wait until weight loss. She emphasizes that it doesn’t matter what she looks like, as long as she is kind to herself.

Bertinelli is not the only actress making waves with swimsuit snapshots. As previously reported, a viral photo of Helen Mirren posing at the beach gained attention:

In 2008, Mirren and her husband enjoyed an Italian beach vacation. They trekked over cacti to find a secluded swimming spot. Mirren posed for her husband, but when she perceived a paparazzo in the hills, she went down “spread-eagle” on the rocks to avoid the shot. Despite her husband calling her “paranoid,” a photo of a 63-year-old Mirren in her bikini went viral three days later.

Recounting the event on “Ellen,” Mirren humorously remarked that the shot was “pure luck” and deadpanned, “I look at that picture and say, god, I wish I look like that. But I don’t.” The actress explained that just a week before, she had been on a public beach in France, and no one bothered to take her photograph. Ellen DeGeneres joked about Mirren’s great shape, attributing it to “scaling cactuses and mountains.”