Brad Pitt, 60, & Girlfriend, 34, Make Rare PDA-Filled Outing — Fans Debate Whether She Looks like Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon recently embarked on a serene morning stroll along the sandy beaches of Santa Barbara. The couple, exuding a relaxed aura and perfect harmony, opted for comfortable attire, suited for their beachside excursion.

Observers couldn’t help but notice de Ramon’s striking resemblance to Pitt’s former spouses, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, sparking discussions among fans. Some remarked on the uncanny similarity, suggesting that she bore a fusion of features from both renowned actresses. However, opinions were diverse, with contrasting views on the extent of the resemblance.

Amid the chatter about physical resemblance, many highlighted de Ramon’s individual charm and the couple’s evident compatibility. Supportive comments emphasized her unique beauty and expressed well wishes for their happiness, regardless of any comparisons drawn to Pitt’s past relationships.

Despite the varying opinions regarding her resemblance to Pitt’s exes, there was unanimous support for the couple’s contentment. Fans expressed their joy at seeing Pitt in a happy relationship and extended their best wishes to the pair.

The discourse also delved into deeper aspects of their bond, with fans praising de Ramon for her authenticity and expressing hope for a lasting relationship. Observers lauded her for being genuine and supportive, contrasting her with stereotypes often associated with celebrity relationships.

Their beach outing was marked by coordinated white ensembles, adding a touch of elegance to their casual stroll. Pitt sported a relaxed white shirt and cream pants, complemented by orange sunglasses, while de Ramon opted for a flowing white sundress paired with a sleeveless green puffer jacket.

As they walked along the shoreline, Pitt and de Ramon displayed affectionate gestures, with Pitt frequently wrapping his arm around her. Their two dogs added to the picturesque scene, adding a sense of liveliness to their tranquil stroll.

The sighting comes amidst ongoing legal proceedings between Pitt and his ex-wife, Jolie, concerning the control and terms of a winery purchased during their marriage. The protracted legal battle has garnered significant attention, with both parties asserting their rights and grievances.

Jolie alleges that Pitt coerced her into signing an extensive non-disclosure agreement, purportedly to conceal allegations of his abusive behavior. Pitt’s legal team, in response, has demanded transparency regarding other NDAs signed by Jolie with third parties, arguing that these documents are crucial in understanding the context of their dispute over the winery.

Understanding Jolie’s history with other NDAs is deemed essential in evaluating her stance on Pitt’s proposed agreement. Recent filings from Jolie argue against revealing details of nearly two decades of contractual relationships, citing invasion of privacy for both her and the third-party entities involved.

Jolie’s legal team asserts that Pitt’s demand is another form of abuse, aiming to discredit and humiliate her in court. They emphasize that the NDAs with third parties, mostly related to employment and compensation, are irrelevant to the case, which should solely focus on the specifics of the Miraval transaction.

In a parallel to Pitt’s divorce saga, Ines de Ramon has experienced the complexities of a public divorce. Before her relationship with Pitt, she was married to “Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley, with their divorce finalized earlier this year.

Their separation, handled with amicability, involved mutual agreement on property division and waiving rights to spousal support. De Ramon’s decision to revert to her maiden name was also a significant aspect of their divorce.

Despite personal changes, de Ramon remains resilient, focusing on personal growth and career. She recently stepped into the spotlight with a modeling job for Uter Official, showcasing their Spring/Summer collection while balancing her role at Anita Ko Jewelry.

Her relationship with Pitt, which began almost two years ago, has blossomed into a private yet solid romance. The couple, often seen together at public events, celebrated Pitt’s 60th birthday in Paris in December 2023, highlighting their commitment to each other amidst public scrutiny.

Pitt, a renowned actor, continues to thrive in his career with upcoming projects, while de Ramon navigates the modeling world and nurtures her relationship with him. Their shared journey reflects resilience and growth, both personally and professionally.