Bradley Cooper, renowned actor and filmmaker, openly acknowledges that he considers himself “very lucky”

Regrettably, addiction is not an uncommon issue within the world of the rich and famous.

Bradley Cooper is just one among many who can be considered “fortunate” to still be alive after confronting years of addiction.

In a recent episode of “Running Wild With Bear Grylls: The Challenge,” the Oscar-nominated actor opened up about the hurdles he faced while overcoming his dependence on alcohol and drugs.

Cooper explained that even before his breakthrough role in “The Hangover,” he had been immersed in the lifestyle for a decade. He expressed his gratitude, stating, “I didn’t get lost in fame.”

However, this didn’t prevent him from experiencing “some wild years” before attaining celebrity status.

“In terms of alcohol and drugs, yeah. But that had nothing to do with fame, though,” he clarified. “But I was lucky, y’know? I got sober at 29 years old. And I’ve been sober for 19 years.”

The star of “The Maestro” had previously shared his experience of hitting “rock bottom” on the Smartless podcast, hosted by Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes.

In 2004, Arnett visited Cooper’s place and noticed the actor had neglected to let the dogs out for a bathroom break.

“That was the first time I ever realized I had a problem with drugs and alcohol,” Cooper recalled. “It was Will saying that to me, I’ll never forget it… It changed my entire life.”

Cooper reminisced about having “zero self-esteem” and feeling “so lost,” particularly after he “got fired or quit ‘Alias.'”

Despite the challenges, Cooper acknowledged that his past life as an addict actually aided him in portraying Jackson Maine in the 2018 film “A Star is Born.”

“It made it easier to really enter in there,” Cooper remarked. “And thank goodness I was at a place in my life where I was at ease with all that. So I could really let myself go.”