Bruce Willis’ Loved Ones Mark His 69th Birthday Amidst His Dementia Struggle

Yesterday, Bruce Willis celebrated his 69th birthday., and fans of his movies worldwide are sending him messages of congratulations for the occasion. As many already know, Bruce is currently battling frontotemporal dementia, and it’s his family who are experiencing the day-to-day challenges of this disease. They are witnessing their beloved father, husband, and patriarch slowly fading away due to this terrible illness. However, on his 69th birthday, none of his family members wanted to convey a pessimistic message. Instead, their intention is to celebrate him wholeheartedly. All of his daughters took to Instagram to share messages congratulating their father, whom they have supported every step of the way on this journey.

Bruce Willis gets birthday love from his family

Rumer Willis, the eldest daughter, shared a heartfelt message alongside several photos from the past: “Oh Daddio, to be loved by you is such a gift. You are the funniest, most tender, charming, out-of-this-world silly, talented, and magical papa. Looking through these photos this morning, I am just filled with the deepest gratitude that we chose to spend this life together. I am your first baby, and man, sometimes I wish I could be tiny enough to just cozy up on your chest again and laugh and cuddle you. I love you so deep in my bones I don’t know how my muscles hold them. You are the greatest papa I could ever hope for. Thank you for your generosity, your silliness, and heart. Lou [Rumer’s daughter] loves you so big.”

Scout Willis also wrote a beautiful message with some more pictures, she says: “Wild how so little has changed even though so much has changed. My dad is one of my best friends, perhaps now on a deeper level than ever honestly. I cherish his affection and the immense freedom with which he’s always loved us. A tender, moody, beautiful, very Piscean man, whose depth of love for his family can only be felt, not articulated. Any words I use would be woefully inadequate. So instead I want to say thank you for loving my papa, thank you for sharing your stories of what he means to you, it’s such a gift to feel your love. Happy, happy birthday to the GOAT.”

See how Rumer Willis and Tallulah Belle Willis, congratulated their father on his birthday.