Don Johnson’s Son, Raised Out of the Public Eye, Turns 22: Photos of ‘So Handsome’ & ‘So Tall’ Young Man

Don Johnson and his wife, Kelley Phleger, have enjoyed over twenty years of marriage and have three children together. Recently, their eldest son, Jasper Breckinridge Johnson, turned 22, and fans were struck by his height and handsome appearance.

Don and Kelley are dedicated and attentive parents. Jasper celebrated his birthday on June 6, 2024. Kelley marked the occasion by sharing a photo of Jasper on her Instagram stories, wishing him a happy 22nd birthday with the caption, “Happy Birthday Jaz.”

At 74, Don and his 55-year-old wife Kelley have largely kept their children out of the public spotlight. In 2023, Kelley posted a charming family photo, exciting fans who noted how grown-up Jasper looked. Although Deacon Johnson was not in the picture, Jasper stood out, looking handsome next to his father. Grace Johnson, who was also in the photo, smiled brightly while holding her mother’s waist. The family appeared joyful and close-knit.

Kelley mentioned that the photo was taken at a wedding in Texas. She also noted that the couple whose wedding they attended now have a baby girl.

Fans reacted to Jasper’s appearance with comments like, “Boys are so tall nowadays lovely photo x.” Another fan praised the family, saying, “Kelley, you have such a beautiful family. You and Grace look so good and DJ and Jasper are so handsome. Sending hugs to all.”

Another fan reminisced about the past, commenting, “Beautiful family! I have such cute photos of Grace and Jasper when they were babies… and now they are so grown up! Sending you all much love.”

The “High Heat” actor and Kelley married in 1999 when Kelley was 30, and they now have grown children. Their daughter Grace, 24, is pursuing a career in modeling.

Jasper, 22, has chosen not to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and remains mostly out of the public eye, except for occasional appearances on his parents’ Instagram accounts. Similarly, Deacon, 18, is still in his teenage years, and little is known about him beyond what his parents share on social media.

Don and Kelley deeply cherish their children. On their 20th wedding anniversary, a friend of the couple mentioned that they value their family time immensely. The source described Don as an affectionate and involved father who is happiest when spending time with his family. Don considers being a good role model for his children his most important job. He once humorously said that his only vice is his children.

Kelley is also Don’s rock. He has recounted the clarity he felt when he asked her to marry him. Don jokingly said he still believes Kelley is under a spell and prays that it never breaks because he never wants her to leave him.

With his prayers answered and Kelley by his side for many years, Don truly understands the importance of family and being present for his loved ones. No matter how demanding his career gets, he always makes time for his beloved wife and kids.