“I was on a trip for only three days and I thought, ‘God, I hate being away from her!’ I can’t stand it, because I got old with her, this is my roommate, my pal, my confidante, my manager, the girl I kiss.”

Eric Robert and Eliza Garrett share a remarkable bond that has withstood the test of time and the challenges of Hollywood. Despite facing rocky moments in their marriage and Eric’s illustrious career, their love has endured. However, there was a time when Garrett questioned Eric’s sexuality.

Eric Roberts embarked on his Hollywood career in the 70s, earning three Golden Globe nominations for his debut in “Runaway Train.” His success continued with films like “King of the Gypsies” and “Star 80.”

Despite reaching the peak of his career, Eric encountered a life-altering struggle with drug addiction that jeopardized everything he had built.

The couple first crossed paths on a plane from New York to Los Angeles. Bonding over movie scripts, they discovered shared interests, and Garrett found out that her father was Eric’s favorite scriptwriter, David Rayfiel.

Initially, Garrett thought Eric might be gay due to his appearance and a cat named Tender on his lap.

After six years of getting to know each other, Eric and Garrett tied the knot on August 11, 1992. Garrett, a casting director and actress, has been a steadfast support throughout Eric’s turbulent career.

During a dark period marked by Eric’s drug addiction, Garrett stood by him. She confronted him about his choices, giving him an ultimatum between her and cocaine.

Despite a car accident and a coma, Garrett remained by Eric’s side during his recovery. This challenging phase led to a decline in Eric’s career, but Garrett’s unwavering encouragement helped him bounce back.

With Garrett’s support, Eric starred in numerous movies, overcoming the stigma of B movies and reestablishing himself as a versatile actor.

The couple’s enduring marriage, spanning three decades, is rooted in honesty, a great sex life, communication, and collaboration.

While Eric and Garrett don’t have children together, they share parenting responsibilities for Eric’s daughter, Emma Roberts, from his relationship with Kelly Cummingham, and Garrett’s children, Keaton and Morgan Simmons, from her previous marriage to James Simons.

The blended family, which also includes the influential presence of Julia Roberts as an aunt, reflects love, support, and shared accomplishments. Eric considers Garrett’s children as his own, and the couple cherishes the invaluable partnership they have built over 30 years of marriage.