Jackie Chan’s daughter breaks silence and reveals what everyone suspected about her famous father 

Jackie Chan, the beloved martial arts movie star, recently found himself at the center of a heartwarming viral video that captured a touching moment between him and a woman who appeared to be his daughter. However, the reality behind the scene has since been revealed, shedding light on a much different narrative.

The viral clip depicted Chan and the woman, actress Liu Haocun, watching old videos of Chan performing stunts in his movies. As the woman expressed her admiration for Chan, calling him the best, both of them became emotional, with Chan tearing up alongside her. Social media users were quick to share the heartwarming father-daughter moment, unaware of the true circumstances.

In reality, the woman in the video is not Chan’s daughter but an actress from his recent movie “Ride On.” Chan’s actual daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam, has publicly spoken out about being estranged from her father. She has accused him of abandonment, revealing that despite Chan’s immense wealth, he has had no contact with her for several years.

Etta was born out of wedlock to Chan and beauty pageant queen Elaine Ng Yi-lei as a result of an extramarital affair in 1999. Despite his marriage to his wife Joan Lin since 1982, Chan admitted to his wrongdoing, acknowledging that he is not a saint and has made mistakes like many other men.

The complexity of the situation is further compounded by Etta’s allegations of homophobia against her father, which she claims is the reason for their strained relationship. Chan, however, has not addressed these allegations or the viral video that mistakenly portrayed the scene as genuine.

As for Chan’s silence on the matter, he has yet to publicly respond to Etta’s accusations or clarify the circumstances surrounding their relationship. Despite the controversy, the true story behind the viral clip serves as a reminder of the complexities that often lie beneath the surface of public personas.

Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/us-celebrity-news/jackie-chans-daughter-claims-sweet-30400010