Julia Roberts’ Timeless Beauty: A Glance at Her Then and Now Photos Wows Fans

Julia Roberts, at 56, continues to captivate fans with her ageless beauty, attributing her radiant looks to the essence of true happiness. The legendary Hollywood star, renowned for her infectious smile and relatable personality, remains stunning, whether with or without makeup. Celebrated for almost four decades in the entertainment industry and a mother of three, Roberts, married to Daniel Moder since 2002, reflects on the passage of time with a philosophy of finding peace in the aging process.

Having entered the spotlight with roles in films like “Satisfaction” and “Mystic Pizza” in 1988, Roberts achieved Golden Globe success in 1989 for her role in “Steel Magnolias.” However, it was her portrayal of the affable Vivian in “Pretty Woman” that solidified her status as a Hollywood leading lady. Over the years, the Georgia native has evolved into an adored and iconic figure in the film industry.

Despite the inevitable aging process, Roberts embraces it with grace, acknowledging that it will happen whether she likes it or not. Dutch artist Ard Gelinck’s “Then & Now” series, featuring celebrities meeting their younger selves through skillful photoshopping, showcases Roberts’s timeless beauty.

Paparazzi recently captured natural, makeup-free images of Roberts, drawing praise for her authentic beauty, even as some netizens acknowledged the passage of time. Holding the record for being named the most beautiful woman in the world by People magazine five times, Roberts emphasizes that true happiness is the key to beauty. According to her, people who exude genuine happiness are the ones who appear the most gorgeous.

Defined by her cheerfulness, Roberts’ magnetic smile continues to spread joy, leaving an indelible mark on fans. As she celebrates her 56th birthday, admirers honor the “Pretty Woman” with appreciation for her enduring beauty and the wisdom she shares about the true essence of happiness.