Oliver Hudson opens up about ‘trauma’ he faced with mom Goldie Hawn while growing up

Goldie Hawn stands as one of Hollywood’s most iconic figures, gracing the screens with memorable performances over the years. While she’s now primarily focused on her family, it hasn’t always been that way, as her son Oliver Hudson recently revealed.

During a podcast episode, Oliver shared insights into his childhood, shedding light on growing up with a mother who led a busy life. His remarks sparked concern among fans, prompting a deeper examination of his upbringing.

Reflecting on his experience with the Hoffman Institute, a program aimed at unraveling familial dynamics and fostering emotional resilience, Oliver delved into his relationship with his mother.

He candidly expressed feelings of occasional vulnerability, recounting instances where Goldie’s bustling schedule and romantic entanglements left him longing for her presence.

Through the sessions at the Hoffman Institute, Oliver gained a newfound appreciation for his mother’s efforts during his formative years. Despite the complexities he grappled with as a child, he acknowledges the profound impact Goldie and her longtime partner Kurt Russell have had on shaping his perspective on life.

However, Oliver later clarified that his comments were misconstrued and taken out of context. In a subsequent podcast episode with his sister Kate Hudson, he addressed the misunderstanding, emphasizing his unwavering love and respect for his mother.

Acknowledging the sensationalized nature of his previous remarks, Oliver explained that his use of the word “trauma” may have inadvertently amplified misconceptions. He reiterated that his upbringing was filled with love and admiration for Goldie, whose guidance has been invaluable in shaping his identity.

Despite occasional challenges, Oliver has always been vocal about his admiration for his mother and Kurt Russell. Their wisdom and support have played a pivotal role in his journey, empowering him to embrace authenticity and forge his path in the entertainment industry.

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