Robert De Niro’s, 80, Martial Artist Girlfriend, 45, Stuns in Tailored White Dress in Pics, Sparking Reactions

A recent Instagram photo of Robert De Niro and his partner, martial artist Tiffany Chen, has caused a stir among fans and critics alike.

The couple was attending a state dinner hosted by President Joe Biden, with Chen donning an elegant white dress paired with black shoes and a handbag, while De Niro, at 80, looked dapper in a classic black suit.

The image sparked a range of reactions, with many fans expressing admiration for the couple’s outfits and their obvious affection for each other.

However, some comments reflected disapproval, particularly regarding the couple’s age gap, with one observer noting that De Niro was 35 when Chen was born.

The public’s fascination with De Niro and Chen’s relationship extends beyond their appearance, as the couple has faced personal challenges together, including Chen’s health scare and De Niro’s divorce battle with his estranged wife, Grace Hightower.

Despite these challenges, the couple has remained steadfast in their relationship, enjoying outings together and sharing private moments away from the public eye.

Their journey into parenthood has also been marked by both joys and responsibilities, with De Niro expressing his desire to teach their daughter both Chinese and English nursery rhymes.

While De Niro and Chen navigate the complexities of their personal lives, their connection with broader business networks and social circles continues to shape their public and private personas.

And despite their private lives occasionally intersecting with those of other celebrities, such as Al Pacino, they remain focused on nurturing their growing family and building a future together.