Tom Cruise Skipped Oscars to Avoid Ex-wife Nicole Kidman Who Pleaded with Him Not to Leave Her:

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, once part of one of the most notable marriages of the 1990s, shocked the world with their divorce. Kidman, particularly, did not anticipate the end of their union.

While their marriage was complex, the adoption of two children connected them for years. As their children grew up, the couple lost touch after their 2001 divorce. The children were cared for by those close to the couple to avoid direct contact between Kidman and Cruise.

Cruise’s representative stated that the actor was content with limited contact with his ex-wife, expressing no feelings of missing her. Both moved on to new partners and expanded their families.

Cruise’s marriage and subsequent divorce with Katie Holmes resulted in a daughter, Suri Cruise. Kidman, on the other hand, remained married to Keith Urban after her split from Cruise. They share two daughters, Sunday and Faith, forming a content family.

Kidman and Cruise have been private about their adopted children, providing only occasional updates. Isabella resides in the UK, feeling more connected to Britain, where she spent her formative years. Connor, their son, lives in Miami and works in the music industry.

Rumors circulated about Cruise’s absence from the 2023 Oscars, with speculation that he avoided attending due to Kidman’s presence. Kidman and Urban were present, but Cruise opted to skip the event to avoid a potential encounter with his ex-wife.

Kidman’s career began in 1987, leading to her meeting Cruise, who was captivated by her performance in “Dead Calm.” They married in 1990 when Kidman was 23. Despite initial happiness, their marriage faced challenges, exacerbated by paparazzi attention and the struggles of conceiving.

An ectopic pregnancy and subsequent adoptions brought them closer, but Cruise unexpectedly announced their separation after ten years of marriage. Kidman pleaded with him not to leave, fearing the loss of identity as Cruise’s wife.

The divorce shocked Kidman, taking years to come to terms with it. Now happily married to Urban with a new family, Kidman reflects on the past without bitterness.