Young girl sang an 80-year-old song – The audience went crazy

The young girl’s rendition of an 80-year-old song proves her deserving of victory. With an astounding performance, the jury was left in awe.

“Over the Rainbow” is a cherished classic that has touched the souls of countless individuals. Originally composed for the 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz,” the song has transcended its status as mere soundtrack.

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, the Hawaiian musician, delivered a renowned rendition of this iconic song on his ukulele in 1988.

Milan Bertosa, a recording engineer, recounted a tale of receiving a 3 a.m. call from a man eager to record a song. Bertosa recalled that the man who arrived was the largest person he had ever seen. After setting up microphones, conducting a sound check, and rolling tape, the man flawlessly performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in a single take.

Over the years, numerous film companies and producers have incorporated the song into their works. However, performing this music live poses a challenge for many due to the high level of skill and unique vocal abilities required to do it justice.

When 11-year-old Anna graced the stage of The Voice Kids, she immediately captivated the judges’ attention. They had never hit the buttons so swiftly before, and her compelling performance touched the hearts of all who witnessed it.

Anna was hailed as a rising star, admired for her remarkable poise and angelic singing voice.

Do not miss the opportunity to witness this extraordinary performance. Watch the remarkable rendition in the video below.